Hammex Hawaii’s Yucatan style hammocks are made in the ancient Mayan tradition of quality craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation. Each hammock is hand-woven by Mayan villagers in the Yucatan region from cotton and nylon. The supporting structure of these Mayan hammocks are made from strong nylon, while the woven cradle is cotton. We offer two sizes of Mayan hammocks: the XXLarge Family sized and super large King Kong, both of which are fantastic for backpacking, sailing, camping, or relaxing.

We started selling Mayan Hammocks in Maui in 1990 after so many people saw us hammocking at the beach and asked us where they could get a Mayan hammock of their own.  It started as a relaxing hobby and grew into a full time adventure when we moved to San Diego in 1991 to participate in the Del Mar Fair, America’s Cup, Home Shows, Boat Shows and Street Fairs.   We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our loyal customers and love talking about hammocks so give us a call.

Mahalo, Linda and Paul